When the carpet cleaner comes to call there are certain procedures they need to follow in order to assess the item that is required to be cleaned.

Carpets: They will check the fibre content, the construction and soil levels also check to see if the fitting is secure or if there is any pre-existing damage.  A written survey will be completed and all aspects of the work will be discussed with the customer.

Upholstery: The fibre content and construction of the fabric will be determined also the levels of soiling.  Any pre-existing damage will be pointed out and noted on the survey form.

The survey enables the technician to gather information that will enable them to select the correct method and chemicals to do the work.  The technician should also be in a position to explain what results can be achieved and the cost.  It is at this point that the customer will decide whether they wish that particular company to proceed with the work.

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