Paul cleaning carpet with wet extraction

Carpet cleaning doesn’t just improve the appearance of your carpets, it drastically extends their life as well. All that dirt and grime doesn’t just look bad, it wears and tears at your carpet fibres over the years.
To save money, some people choose to try and clean their carpets themselves. But, while the ‘do-it-yourself’ approaches are less expensive, they are never as effective as professional cleaning and involve a considerable amount of time and hard work. It is also very easy to damage your carpet.
Below are three common ways carpets are damaged during a ‘do-it-yourself’ clean:
1. HEAT DAMAGE – The intense heat generated by the ‘steam machines’, that can be purchased in many of the retail chain stores throughout the country, can cause the twists within the yarn in twist-pile carpets (which are heat-set during manufacture) to become unwound leaving the carpet looking very old and the pile felted.
2. OVER-WETTING – Moisture which soaks to the bottom of a carpet and into the backing materials can cause it to discolour; you also run the risk of mould and mildew problems as wet carpet backing is very difficult to dry. Additionally some carpets will shrink if they are subjected to too much moisture.
3. FAILING TO PROTECT THE FRESHLY CLEANED CARPET FROM FURNITURE – Another carpet-cleaning hazard is stains caused by furniture coming into contact with wet carpeting. Many kinds of wood furniture will release some of the dyes in their stain if left in contact with a damp surface. ‘Do-it-yourselfers’ are more likely to encounter these problems because they often don’t remove all the furniture from the room when cleaning, and they often don’t have ready access to the foam blocks and foil-backed cardboard squares that the professionals use to keep the furniture off the carpet until it is dry.
The best way to retain the appearance of your carpets, and extend their life, is to have them regularly deep cleaned (at least once every two years is recommended) by a professional carpet cleaning company with the equipment and skills to do job properly and without causing damage.
Next to the house and the car, the carpeting in your home is one of the most expensive items you’ll purchase. Don’t put it at risk by trying to clean it yourself, get a professional cleaning company to do the job for you.
For a fully-trained, professional carpet cleaning company in your area go to: or phone 0116 271 9550.

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