Surveying The Job

Site Analysis and Pre-inspection

Without doubt, the most important part of the whole undertaking is the initial inspection of the carpet, upholstery or curtain to be cleaned and the environment in which it is situated. The survey should be conducted in every case and put in writing. This in turn is given to the client prior to any work being carried out. Failure to follow this simple initial step can lead potentially to later problems and may prove extremely costly in monetary terms and loss of prestige for your business. Indeed some insurance companies are refusing to pay out on a claim if there is not documentary evidence of a prior survey being carried out. Carrying out an accurate pre-inspection and explanation can eliminate cleaning problems. The survey will determine how and if the work is to be carried out. It must be carried out systematically and thoroughly every time. Carpet acts as a filter in the indoor environment, trapping soils, gases, animal & human dander

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