Curtain Cleaning Insitu

The slightest mention of curtain cleaning can actually put the soft furnishing cleaner on red alert. He wants the extra revenue but is not too sure how it can be tackled. Curtain fabrics are no different to upholstery fabrics but can have some unusual characteristics. It is assumed that we should send the items to the local dry-cleaners for cleaning within a machine using chlorinated solvents. We assume at this stage that our client’s products are in safe hands, and they probably are just why should we lose the revenue?

It is in fact a growing in-situ process and many carpet/upholstery cleaners are cleaning these items in-situ right in front of the client. These cleaners are not taking the risks you may think. In fact, they are taking fewer risks than if the curtains had been taken down and delivered to the dry- cleaners. However we will have a friendly dry-cleaner on hand for those times when we just can’t carry out the work in-situ.

There indeed are precautions to take,that include the use of ladders and chemicals, but can still be an addition to your carpet and upholstery cleaning needs.

The fear that many cleaners have about curtains makes it an open market. You see professional carpet cleaners, clean carpets and many will clean upholstery, but few clean curtains. Yet, there is far more curtain cleaning to be done. The client cannot clean her own curtains in-situ only take them down and drop them into their local shop and then you have to re-hang them.

In fact, curtains will be generally dry-cleaned and many carpet cleaners do not understand how to use dry clean solvents unless of course he has purchased special equipment. Then he would have to feel the need to use it.

To add to this, dry cleaners cannot guarantee a single curtain that is passed across their counter will not shrink or even lose its feel. In-situ curtain cleaners are able to guarantee virtually everything with regard to no shrinkage, texture change and stability. Give Country House Carpet Care a call on 01883 743175 for free advice and quote.

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