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Spring Cleaning

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

We all welcome the spring with open arms; the sad dull old winter days can be forgotten at last for a few months at any rate.  The days are getting longer and spirits rise whatever your age… suddenly… you notice something!

Dust, Grime, all the everyday soiling that has permeated the home during the dark days of winter is suddenly revealed in the bright spring sunshine.  The time for ‘spring cleaning’ is upon us.

Washing down paintwork and walls, even dusting is a task that can be accomplished by most of us but look at the floor!  That lovely piece of Axminster/Wilton certainly has the appearance of being well and truly lived in or should I say on.  Then there’s the three-piece suite all in need of a spruce up.

The best idea is not to risk a dodgy do-it-yourself job that seemed a ‘good idea at the time’ but invariably turns out to be jolly hard work with a doubtful difference in appearance. Why not get in a firm of professional carpet and upholstery cleaners to do the job while you put your feet up.  You are beginning to feel better already.

Obtaining any professional tradesman these days is a dicey business let alone a carpet and upholstery cleaner.  You open the telephone directory and there are simply hundreds to choose from.  Apart from taking a pin and having a blind folded stab at a page how do you select a carpet cleaning company with any degree of confidence?


Saturday, March 13th, 2010

After buying your house and car the next largest investment you will make is for the carpets and furniture. Regular cleaning will prolong their life and retain the pleasing appearance. In the same way that you would have your car serviced at least once a year then you should consider the same concept when it comes to maintaining those expensive soft furnishings.

How do you go about it?

1      Do it yourself…. Produces limited results, can be risky as it is easy to get carried away and over-wet causing shrinkage or discolouration.. Any detergent residues left behind can cause the items to get dirtier much quicker.

2      Leave them…. Soil build up can be unsightly and cause long term damage to carpet fibres and fabrics.

3      Employ a professional cleaning company… Be wary of half price offers that are pushed through the letterbox, many of these are the hallmark of the ‘bait and switch’ operation. They offer a low price but once in the home the price rises significantly through all the ‘added’ extras. Often they may have no insurance cover in the event that things go wrong.